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  • New Year Giveaway by Rara Nasuha
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    EpiloG : Hancur hatiku!

    0 LoVeR | 21/01/2012

    Hadoii sengsara macam ni!
    Mesti korang dah dengar cerita kan yang Megaupload dah ditutup semalam!
    Katanya lepas ni laman2 sharing file yang lain juga akan ditutup!
    Kalau jadi cam tuh, kat mana kita boleh download lagi?
    Mana kebebasan berinternet?
    Kalau Malaysia yang blok dulu ade juga lah cara mereka buang blok tuh!
    Sekarang US ma!
    Sedih lah lepas ni tak boleh nak download cerita korea or japan lagi!
    Dah lah susah nak tengok!

    Ni salah satu kebimbangan yang dilahirkan di laman web yang selalu SH download cerita!

    Hello, this is Jahe. As you know yesterday Megaupload site has been shut down and as from news told that the owner has been jailed and charge million dollars because break the law. That issue really made almost 90% of the netizens all around the world shocked and definitely make an impact for all the uploaders and sharing sites.

    Megaupload known as the best sharing site, and 99% of korean and japanese stuffs stored there, after the loss of the million files some of the sites shutting down their site too (because most of their files stored in MU). Site like jdramas (LJ community page) shut down their site and from reading their post about this piracy issue making us worried about the fate of this site.

    Eventho we are sharing asian dramas there is no different if we have caught. As per this news said a british guy arrested for hosting a link that aren't his, make us think what will happened if it is MQBlog? LOL i know i am too paranoid about it, but prepare for the worst is better.

    So after discussions, we still not sure whether to make this blog like what in order to make it safer thus we throw the question to this blog visitors. What kind of site you like to access?
    1. Still use this blog but you need to register first before accessing the site. For example you can access nomanymore's blog. You just need to register and after some verification you can use your account to download files.
    2. Forum. But you need to register and making a post before taking our links that i know a bit of troublesome and it doesn't mean that we are free of blocking issue, this forum is for an alternate place.
    3. We don't know anymore... any idea?
    Just put your comments below. We need your idea in or order to make this site comfortable to use and safer. We have some days for you to share your idea while we are working on 2 points above. Thanks before : DD


    Thanks with Love to:
    EpiloG Dunia SaYuRi.


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